Mechanical, technical, and civil engineering experience to handle challenges posed by modern infrastructure technology.

Connexxion Engineering over the years have formed a formidable Mechanical, Technical and civil engineering outfit that can successfully handle the challenges presently posed by modern Architecture, structure and infrastructure technology.
Our expertise & excellent performance have projected us to the position of recognition in the industry with several certificates of awards to justify our standard of quality services, professionalism & consistency over the years.
Our client’s requirements are given top priority by our hands on approach. The large percentage of repeated jobs, positive feedback and a continuous close working relationship is an indication of our customers satisfaction.
The organizational Structure of the Company includes highly skilled Nigerians with years of experience to meet clients divergent needs. A unique combination of partners and construction companies with years of experience in Building and Civil engineering, Construction and Maintenance Projects.

The construction sector is so important in all processes of development of the economy of a country, because it produces spill over effects on other sectors of suppliers of construction and because contribute to improve competitiveness of the country and increase the well – being and social stability in the medium and long term Connexxion Engineering establishes a differentiation strategy in terms of segmentation, as a single segment is not directed but adapts its offer to the different needs of its customers. These customer segments differ in private and public.

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