Electronic payment services harnessing the latest technology to enable reliable and secure online payments like web-enabled POS applications.

C-Switch Imaginova is a provider of electronic payment services that harnesses the latest technology and provides strategic partners. The company has been able to develop and support these applications and solutions, ranging from web-enabled POS applications to internet business-to-business electronic trading portals with other applications.
The organization also provides payment switching firms, banks and retailers with software and services by providing easy methods of payment for goods and services via internet (web) and POS (sales point) terminals. Merchants use our terminals to transfer electronic funds: accept card payments from customers (Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, Interswitch Verve, etc.).

We also provide services for the Private Sector. We deliver Modern, cutting edge payment solutions for Global business, which enables businesses to efficiently and securely receive payments on their website, app or mobile device. With a convincing capability in providing secure and uninterruptedly available Information technology/infrastructure solutions and services, and undeviating association with leading banks and other International payment platforms, this enables C-Switch to help her clients lower prices and costs, increase revenues, strengthen confidence, enlarge services, and improve product delivery.

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