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Another Unique subsidiary of ours is Connexxion Telecom and Solutions.
For us, quality is key; it is our most important means of achieving the objectives of our engagements.
We strive to satisfy our clients’ requirements and expectations thereby attaining excellence as a one-stop telecoms solutions hub.
Over the years, Connexxion Telecom and Solutions has garnered a resourceful, well trained and widely experienced team capable of providing a vast range of telecommunications solutions and services for the communications industry.
Our consulting services in the areas of security cameras, security systems, and surveillance equipment to various clients within the Nigerian market is second to none.

The services of our Telecoms subsidiaries cover the following areas
Connexxion Secure – Security has become a paramount concern for every organization today. As we all know, analyzing data and generating any intelligence out of a manual system is very difficult. Visitor access into a facility through a manual registration process makes customer reception time-consuming.
Our solution is one solution that helps your organization manage the in-out flow of staff and visitors to your premises.
It’s an all in one solution that covers the movement of visitors from the gate and through different angles of your establishment premises.
The system is built with CCTV Camera and infrared technology monitoring the day to day activity of your organization.
Also, our clients demand digital surveillance efficiency and maximum flexibility with the highest possible return on their investment.
Functionalities of our AXIS IP-based video surveillance system using progressive scan video cameras provide superior, crystal clear images even with fast motion in the scene.

Connexxion Smart Living – This is a Home or Business Automation, We integrate divergent technology solution to create a holistic masterpiece, capable of leveraging our client’s productivity.
Our mission is to make life easier, more productive and efficient using available technology solutions within our reach.
Wouldn’t it be nice if your TVs, HiFi’s, heating, security, garage doors, and other equipment can smartly work just by a click of a remote handset, keypad, keyfob, or control panel?
CNX Smart Living makes all of this possible and much more besides. Why not get in touch and find out how we could make your home smarter today?

Connexxion Presence –
There is a need to reach out to your clients and workers spread across multiple areas, with low budgets in these uncertain times.
With our proposed solutions tailored to suit your unique needs and budget, we cover areas such as: Web Conferencing, Screen Sharing, Online Meetings, Instant Messaging, Web Seminars, Web-casting, Chat software, Screen-casting, Micro-blogging.
At Connexxion Telecom and Solutions, we work with your team to determine your IT infrastructure needs and deploy the right technology that will be cost-effective for your organization.
We have found that most organizations spend a lot on power, underutilize their computer resources, spend a lot on maintenance, and do not get value from their IT infrastructure investment. Our objective is to advise and deploys the right technology that will ensure the highest returns, low power consumption, and reduced cost of maintenance.
Connexxion ERP 247 Software -Every organization wants to make their processes as efficient as possible. Our workflow Solution successfully replaces manual processes by automating hand-offs and other repetitive tasks, that can be completed without human intervention. Workflow is usually automated with workflow management tools that allow setting business rules to dictate when one step can be taken as successfully completed and the next step can be triggered. Some workflow management tools can also automatically coordinate dependent relationships between individual steps and allow going beyond linear workflow automation and make workflow management even more efficient.
CNX247 ERP Software provides a friendly digital work environment for quick information exchange, discussions, and easier task tracking, thereby improving efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability.

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