1. Richly detailed financial reports –

Standalone accounting packages offer necessary financial reports like income statements, balance sheets and so forth.

In contrast, CNX247 offers many more varied types of stories.

Examples include cash flow projections based on inventory management and order statuses and accounts receivable ageing overlaid with customer order pipeline.

  1. More automation –

Automation helps with productivity.

By having CNX247 ERP and accounting linked, it’s easier to automate workflows that cross between the two systems.

When you use CNX247, many accounting and financial tasks can be completely automated.
For instance, you can streamline accounts receivable and accounts payable management and cash management.

  1. Freedom from duplicate data entry –

Having separate systems usually means manual re-inputting of data from one to the other. Integrating CNX247 ERP and accounting removes this tedious process of data entry by hand.

CNX247 makes data entry fast and consistent.

  1. Not so many errors –

Manual data entry is notoriously prone to error. These include transposed digits and incorrect client names, etc. These can cause calculation mistakes, which then take time to unwind. You can also see who did what, for each transaction, in case you need to track down someone who made a mistake.

  1. A higher degree of control –

Using ERP for accounting gives you more control over your business. You can see the bottom-line impact of events and decisions in real-time.

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