Recent studies show that 60% of individual donors want proof that the nonprofits / NGO are making a positive impact before making a more donation.
To prove (and improve) their impact, nonprofits / NGO would have first to measure their performance. This is the area where technology is vital.

Fortunately, a smart and flexible ERP solution built for nonprofits / NGO can help the organisation to achieve these three main benefits:

1. Accountability
An ERP solution can help nonprofits / NGO to significantly improve decision making with real-time financial information delivered in a way that is relevant to the organisation. This includes tracking grant expenditures in real-time, ensuring compliance with funding restrictions, centralising documents in a single archive, and maintaining robust security with controlled access for data integrity.

2. Transparency
An ERP solution can help the nonprofits / NGO to accurately view their financial health at any time, from
anywhere, at a single version of the truth. It includes monitoring KPIs via role-based dashboards, the ability to report quickly and accurately, and maintaining a full audit trail showing responsibility and approvals for any process.

3. Efficiency
An ERP can help nonprofits / NGOs to streamline administrative processes, automate workflows, and free staff to focus on higher value-added activities. It also includes eliminating manual checking and report running, offering web-based and mobile employee self-service tools, streamlining paperless approval
processes, and minimising or removing third-party tools to simplify their IT environment.

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