Multi-Industry Technology

Connexxion Group's interests span a range of industries in Nigeria and across Africa. Our core business focus is to provide sustainable, affordable, and accessible technology solutions to even the most remote locations.

Our Subsidiaries

Connexxion Telecom

Connexxion Telecom and Solutions is a provider of core IT networking, communication and consulting services. We provide radio and specific ad-hoc infrastructure and communication platform, network support services, server administration and preventative maintenance systems for clients and institutions.

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Agro-Allied Initiative

With our aim for increased food and nutrition security, employment generation, environmental protection, secure livelihoods and perception of the potential of agribusiness has changed. The new trend is technology, capacity building, skill acquisition and value chain development, all of which are features of the Connexxion platform.

Our Subsidiaries


We specialize in human capital and business development solutions that are carefully designed to help both public and private sector organizations optimize their people assets and increase their overall productivity and performance


Connexxion Energy

Connexxion Energy is a key and growing player in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sector of the Oil & Gas industry and likewise the Energy sector in Nigeria

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C-Switch Payments

Our CSwitch Payment solution integrates seamlessly with key banking systems and cards; allowing you easily integrate and receive payments from around the world.

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Connexxion Marine

We're one of Africa’s leading energy service corporations, with a vast experience in oil and gas exploration and production of proven oil and gas fields. Connexxion Energy Limited incorporated in January 2013 in Abuja, FCT – Nigeria. We provide a broad range of operations within the energy industry.


About Our Company

We are as diversified as our numerous interests
Our businesses transform processes in technology, engineering, oil, gas, and energy industries with the vision of becoming trusted leaders in each field across Africa.
Resource & Productivity Maximization
Business Transformation Through Technology
At Connexxion Group, we understand that even in the same industry, businesses have their peculiar needs. Therefore, we are always ready to offer state of the art services that suit each of our clients.
Who We Are

Our Subsidiaries

Connexxion Energy

Innovative and reliable services that overcome technology challenges and make the most of resources in the energy sector.

Connexxion Telecom

We assist progressive companies embrace ICT to streamline their processes and ensure the future of their business.

Laukamz & Co Ltd.

Over 12 years experience delivering a wide range of HR services that help organizations optimize and maximize their people assets.

C-Switch Imaginova

Electronic payment services harnessing the latest technology to enable reliable and secure online payments like web-enabled POS applications.

Connexxion Engineering

Mechanical, technical, and civil engineering experience to handle challenges posed by modern infrastructure technology.

Connexxion Agro Allied & Farms

Crops and animal production, sales and marketing of produce, transportation and logistics, and real estate acquisition for agriculture.

Fully Integrated Businesses

Each of Connexxion Group's subsidiaries is highly specialized to its industry. Our subsidiaries are trusted by organizations in the public and private sectors to continue delivering progressive business solutions.

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